Saturday, 7 May 2011

Primal Scream - 'Kowalski'

Primal Scream are such an enigma that I can't actually tell if they're arch zeitgeist-surfers, producing of-the-moment highbrow pop music that is meant to be discarded like used tissues (as Freddy Mercury memorably described Queen's output), or are just tedious bandwagon jumpers of the highest order.

I've no idea when or where I bought this, and I'm pretty sure this is about the third time I've played it. Maybe it's the Automator remix on the b-side that drew me to it. It certainly wasn't the shite-awful cover of '96 Tears', a laughable attempt at garage-punk-electronica fusion, that caught my ear.

Piss poor, tepid, emotionless. Oh well.


  1. Do you remember 'Tomorrow Ends Today'? I've tried to convince people that there was a Primal Scream before they discovered third-rate r&b but no-one believes me.

  2. I vaguely remember them as is 60s-style speed hippies, but I'm familiar with anything by that name, soz.

  3. Time to go to the garage and find all my old John Peel session tapes, then. And then buy a tape player :-)