Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lou Reed - 'Rock n Roll Animal'

I've no idea when, where or why I bought this. I'm not a huge Lou Reed fan. I mean, I love 'Transformer', but who doesn't? I think I just like the idea of Lou Reed more than the reallity of buying his records, although I have listened to 'Metal Machine Music' all through, once, just to see if it was rubbish as people said (it is). And I read William Burroughs' 'Naked Lunch' for pretty much the same reason, but at least Naked Lunch has the redeeming feature of being horribly perverted. 'Metal Machine Music' is just noise.

I don't get this album at all - it pretends to be all nihilisitc, but it has the most god-awful stadium-prog feel to it. In fact, I'd guess this is only the second time I've played it - and possible the last.


Tracks: Intro/Sweet Jane. Heroin. White Light/White Heat. Lady Day. Rock n Roll

Cat No: NL83664


  1. Not even a little guilty guitarrush when the Sweet Jane riff finally appears?

  2. Haha, well maybe a bit, but perhaps only because it means that they've abandoned the proggy noodle of the intro and are actually playing something. And I stand by the production being bogus.

  3. It's not sitting on the fence this album though, is it ? Lou Reed has at least not been scared about pushing the music into the extremes of different directions, even if a lot of them are undoubtedly pants. I think that some of the reason for this album was that he wasn't actually playing guitar at this point afaik, and all the noise and bravado is actually creating a thick wall that he can hide behind.