Saturday, 15 May 2010

U2 - 'The Joshua Tree'

God knows when I bought this. I'd guess it's another record I brought back from New York with me - the fanmail info address is in NYC. And God knows why I bought it - listening to it know, and looking at the Ansell Adams-styled cover shot, where the band are attempting to recast themselves as white boy soul icons, I would, to paraphrase Frankie Boyle, quite happily punch every one of them in the face.

Does it remind me of anything? It reminds me that U2 have made some great records. But for me, this is quite far down the list.

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  1. I am slightly astonished and rather disappointed that recently, two hundred thousand people were staying in the same field as Bono, and not one of them succeeded in throwing a bottle of piss over him. What is wrong with the world today ?