Sunday, 22 April 2012

Oasis - 'Definitely Maybe'

It's odd, but sometimes music can evoke the strangest memories.

Everything that this record brings back has nothing to do with Oasis, and everything to do with me. Being a student, living in a shared house in Leeds, playing this record after excitedly buying it, and wondering if it was just me, or whether it really did sound like Status Quo with a bit more attitude. Would it be the second record I'd taken back on the basis of simply not being good enough (the first one was the debut Lionrock album, which I took back and theatrically demanded a refund for 'for just being shit').

I remember playing the whole album through, and then going back and trying to find the good bits, desperately dropping the needle on the record increasingly randomly, then just giving up.

Oasis have written some great songs, but have also released some crappy albums.

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  1. Booooooo! My experience is the complete opposite but perhaps the magic of Oasis is related to a time rather than a place.

    Being 10 years old when this came out, this album had everything I knew nothing of in the world. I didn't get the drug references for five years, I thought the rhymes were shitty (car/jaguar) but listening to this for the first time lit up my life (sounds poncy, but it's true).

    The first chords of Rock n Roll Star did what only a handful of first tracks have ever done - something corny like 'made me feel alive'.

    There's some silly songs when I look back now, there's guitar riffs that you can only like it you like guitar solos, but there's also notes and lyrics that will make my youth seem real again right up until the day I die.

    Everything about this album shouted at the life I could find when I grew up. I'm still looking...